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Harrop Engineering

If you’re a serious off road driver we don’t need to tell you how useful a diff locker can be. When you need maximum traction to get through a tricky patch a diff locker will keep your wheels gripping. Once you’re used to one the chances are you’ll wonder if there’s a way to get even more cross country performance out of your transmission. Well, there is – upgrade to a Harrop locker.

Ron Harrop’s been a name in Australian motor sport for decades. Starting out mostly as a drag racer, he soon graduated into long distance touring races. Almost from the beginning he started making his own modifications to his vehicles, always aiming to get the most out of them with well designed, rugged custom parts. That didn’t go unnoticed, and when Holden saw what he’d done to his old FJ, “Harrop’s Howler”, their dealer team decided he was a man to work with. Soon his shop, which had been making parts for his own cars and doing some custom business, was filling up with orders for Holden race vehicles.

Ron himself stopped racing in 1986, to concentrate on his growing engineering business; in 1994 he became the chief engineer for the Holden racing team, a job he did for five years. That gives you an idea how much experience Harrop have at high performance parts, and it shows in their amazing diff lockers. We stock the Harrop ELocker, a collaboration with Eaton Engineering to create a state of the art, ultra-tough electromagnetic locker for most of the popular 4wd models. Precision forgings, top class materials and the trademark Harrop design skills make this one of the best diff upgrades you’ll find anywhere. It’s easy to operate, highly efficient and as tough as nails. It’s simply the most advanced locker out there, which is why we decided we just had to have them in our range.

One way to improve the off road performance of a 4wd vehicle is to upgrade the diff locker. Some factory 4wds have one of course, but there's usually room for improvement and you have a good choice of replacement parts if you want to push your cross country capabilities to the maximum. Most experts agree that the Eaton style locker is the best choice, and this basic design has spawned a lot of variants from different manufacturers. When we decided to add diff lockers to our range we did what we always do at Tough Toys – we took a good look at what was available and found the best. That's why we sell Harrop's ELocker.

Victoria-based Harrop are a precision engineering specialist, and they make a wide range of parts and accessories for all sorts of vehicles. They concentrate on performance parts, including brakes and superchargers, and they take their work seriously. So when they decided to produce a diff locker we were expecting something special, and Harrop delivered it.

The ELocker was designed in collaboration with Eaton Corporation, to ensure the design included all the best features of the original Eaton locker. Precision forged gears machined to Harrop's usual immaculate standards give a locker that's smooth and immensely strong, and will cope with pretty much any abuse you throw at it. Diff lockers can be a struggle to engage though, as anyone who's spent much time in a Land Rover Defender will know. Harrop decided that fighting with a lever was a bit old hat, so they improved the Eaton design with an electromagnetic locking mechanism. The ELocker is the result. It gives you all the strength and reliability of the classic Eaton combined with push button operation.

We stock ELocker kits suitable for a range of vehicles, including the Defender, Isuzu D-Max, Land Cruiser and Holden Colorado. They're easy to install and once fitted they're a complete breeze to use. If you want real go-anywhere capability this is one bit of gear you don't want to overlook.

At Tough Toys we’re all about bringing you the best gear, and the ELocker is as good as it gets. If you want to boost your vehicle’s performance over really challenging terrain you’re going to love these.

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