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Lynx Hooks

When you’re bouncing down some corduroy track in the bush the last thing you need is to have your gear flying around all over the place – it’s dangerous, and pretty bad for your gear too. Let’s not forget all that stuff in your roof box either, because you need to make sure that’s going to stay where you put it and not end up sitting beside the trail for the first blagger who comes along after you. Spend any time touring off road and you’re going to learn how vital bungie cords and ockie straps are. Not that they’re perfect of course. They work well enough, which is why we all have dozens of them, but the hooks don’t always stay hooked and they can scratch stuff up pretty badly. There isn’t always a good way to hook them on either. Well, at Tough Toys we started wondering if there was a better solution for securing your load – and now we found it.

LYNX Hooks are a top quality new alternative to bungies and ockies. They work basically the same way but LYNX have done a lot of clever design, and the result is an awesome product that we’re now huge fans of. Their team are all outdoor types, including a bunch of ex-military blokes, and they know everything that matters about keeping stuff secure. What they’ve done is take the classic bungie and make a few changes. The result is way more versatile, and a lot safer for you and your load.

The key to LYNX hooks is the hook itself, and it’s a real beaut. This isn’t just a bit of bent wire like your old ockies have, it’s a high-strength moulded plastic item that’s been designed to fit together a few different ways. You can link two hooks to connect a pair of straps end to end, with no nasty ends of wire sticking out. You can connect multiple hooks in a ring to make an instant ockie. And that’s not all. The strap these hooks are fixed to have a good stretch in them but it’s not just a length of rubber cord. As well as the stretch part – which comes in a few colours – there are end sections made from nylon webbing. These have handy loops so you can fix the straps to large objects, and a quick release buckle lets you adjust the length or undo the strap in a hurry. There are also accessories for creating new tie-down points or fixing hooks to tents, awnings and other gear.

LYNX Hooks is an Australian-owned company and the quality of their products is amazing. These straps will outlast any traditional bungie and they hold your gear a lot more securely, too. Check them out – we guarantee you’ll be converted.

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