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Dr Air Air Compressor

You can’t spend long around off-road drivers without hearing about tyre pressures. Tyre pressures matter. With your normal car you basically just inflate them to the pressures on that little sticker under the driver’s door then check every month to make sure they’re staying there, but when you head into the bush it’s a bit different. Soft ground will eat fully inflated tyres, and leave you with some digging to do. Smart drivers let some air out, because soft tyres lower ground pressure and don’t bog in so easily. The problem is soft tyres wear out faster when you’re back on a hard surface and tend to come off the rims if you corner too hard, so you need some way to inflate them again once you’re through the sand.

What you need, basically, is an air compressor, and you won’t go wrong with a Dr Air one. We’ve tried out a lot of compressors and these ones are really impressive. They’re great value for money, which is always nice, and they’re also awesomely good compressors. 4WD Action rated the Dr Air Pro-Flow 150 as the clear winner in their pretty extensive tests, and it’s easy to see why. Solidly made, compact, easy to use and extremely fast, it and its little brother the Pro Flow 75 are just what you need in the back of your wagon when tyres need reinflated. Their uses don’t stop at tyres either. If you’re fed up wheezing away at the foot pump to blow up your air mattress or rubber boat just get Dr Air on the case and it’ll be done in no time.

A lot of people make the mistake of getting a cheap compressor designed for using around the house, and thinking it’ll stand up to off road use. It won’t. Dr Air kit definitely will. These are compressors designed to take anything you throw at them, and a lot of thought has gone into making them safe and user-friendly as well as bombproof. At Tough Toys we appreciate quality gear, and we’re huge fans of Dr Air compressors. After a couple of trips with one in the back, you will be too.

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