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Peggy Peg Screw In Tent Pegs

Smart design and modern materials can improve pretty much anything, even something as simple as a tent peg. A while ago these were pretty basic items; they were either light and flimsy, or massive heavy things you had to pound in with a sledgehammer. It’s all changed now though – you can get some amazingly effective ways to anchor all your kit to the ground, and Peggy Pegs can take a lot of the credit for that.

Peggy Pegs are made in Germany, which probably says all you need to know about the quality of design and manufacture. Germans love camping almost as much as they love engineering, so it makes sense that somebody would combine the two. Peggy Peg are located in Bavaria, which is a really scenic part of the country, but it’s also mountainous. That means the ground can be tough going for a tent peg. The obvious solution was to invent one that could handle it. The next stage was an Australian importer finding out about them, and deciding they were perfect for Australia.

You’ve probably seen screw-in pegs before, like the amazing Bluescrew ones we sell. Peggy Pegs are a bit different. They’re designed to work in hard ground, so the real innovation is the way you screw them in. There’s a bolt head at the top; that lets you place them using the combo tool that comes with the pegs, or if you’re in a hurry – or the ground’s really solid – with a cordless drill. And because they screw in, they screw out too, so there’s no more struggling to haul out jammed pegs or leaving some in the ground because you managed to hammer them through a root.

One of the great things about Peggy Pegs is that they have an option to suit every task. The standard pegs are tough fibreglass and come in three sizes, so you can do everything from nailing down a groundsheet to giving the dog’s lead an anchor he’ll never pull out. There are also extra rugged aluminium versions if you need even more strength.

As well as the actual pegs there’s a whole range of baseplates you can screw to the ground, then use as secure mounts for tent or awning poles. You can just buy the pegs you think you need, or a complete set that’s ready for anything. There really are awesome bits of kit; they’re not just more secure than ordinary pegs, they’re easier to use too. If you have a tent or awning you really need to get yourself some Peggy Pegs to go with it.   

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