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Dexshell Waterproof Apparel

Rain can put a real damper on any outdoor break. Touring and camping are great fun when the weather's nice, but not so much when it's bucketing down and you're soaked through. Rain doesn't last forever, though, and if you can keep yourself dry until it stops you'll be fine. Staying in your vehicle will keep the wet stuff off, but what if you have to get out? That's when a good waterproof jacket is an essential, and if it's really bad some matching trousers won't hurt. Plenty people think that's them sorted. It would be too, if they didn't have a head, hands and feet.

In heavy rain you want to protect every bit of your body you can. Getting your hands wet might not seem like a big deal but wait until they've been soaked in winter and start going numb; you'll change your mind then. Wet feet are even worse. That's why we're big fans of DexShell waterproof apparel.

DexShell makes weatherproof gear that covers all the bits your rain suit doesn't. Nobody who's tried them laughs at the idea of waterproof socks; they're a real bonus when you're squelching around in the mud trying to find a clear route through. The same goes for their gloves. Being able to work in the rain without your hands turning into wet blocks of ice is way better than the alternative. You can even get waterproof beanie hats for yourself and your kids.

Waterproof clothing has come a long way since old-style PVC jackets, and DexShell uses the latest technology to keep you comfortable. The core of their products is a layer of Porelle breathable membrane, the latest development in GoreTex-style material. This membrane lets vapour out, so you won't get all sweaty inside. At the same time it stops water getting in from outside. The Porelle layer is protected by a tough outer shell and a liner keeps you comfortable as well as providing an air gap between your skin and the membrane.

You'll find DexShell socks in a variety of lengths and styles to suit different activities. There's even an overcalf model to keep your feet dry in over a foot of water. Sock linings include high quality material like Merino wool, and they're loop stitched to cushion your feet when hiking. Gloves also come in different styles, including tough slash-resistant ones that are ideal for recovery jobs, and they all have rubber dots for a fantastic grip. Finally you can get a great variation on the classic woolly hat, which adds a Porelle waterproof layer and a microfleece liner for ultimate comfort. If you love the outdoors but hate being wet, DexShell is the way to go.

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