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Boab Solutions

We’ve checked out a lot of 4wd equipment suppliers as we build the Tough Toys range. Some of them specialise in one or two types of gear; others have a wider selection. Sometimes we find one that blows our socks off with the amazing variety of kit they make, though. There are people out there that seem to be able to make anything, and do it all well. One of those companies is Boab Solutions.

Boab Solutions have one of the widest ranges we’ve seen from an off road equipment maker, and all of it’s geared to helping you enjoy some incredible touring. Want to get yourself across soft patches without bogging down? They do sand tracks to keep you moving. Just in case that doesn’t work out you can fit some of their heavy duty jacking points and use a hi-lift jack securely. They have a whole range of tanks you can build in to your vehicle, either storing fresh water for those desert expeditions or increasing your fuel capacity for a massive range boost. Then there’s a whole pile of bits to keep your gear secure – cargo nets, tie-down straps and other storage solutions. Drawers, anchor tracks, you name it.

Boab Solutions don’t just do major items. They also have a load of small but handy accessories to help you organise your vehicle, your camp and yourself. Kitchenware and cutlery, mozzie screens, ways to stash your rubbish and organisers to keep the cabin free of clutter – they make all of it. What’s really impressive is how well they make it all. This is a company that’s seriously switched on about off road touring and how to make equipment that can survive it, and all their gear is stuff we’d happily use ourselves.

Tough Toys exists to bring you the best touring gear and 4wd accessories at the best prices, and if we can’t find the sort of kit we’re looking for we’ll come up with our own – like our unbeatable awnings, for example. We’re more than happy with Boab Solutions though. This is a company that takes 4wd accessories seriously, and we think you’re going to love their stuff.

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