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Boss Air Suspension

Exploring the bush throws a lot of abuse at every part of your vehicle, but your suspension probably gets the worst of it. Taking a heavy 4wd along a rough track generates massive forces, especially when you’re loaded down with extra fuel, water and gear, and your factory suspension often struggles to cope. The fact is most modern 4wds and a lot of utes are set up for driving on road, because that’s what most owners will stick to. It makes sense from the manufacturer’s point of view but for dedicated off roaders it’s a problem. You’ll probably get where you’re going, but your vehicle won’t be giving you all the performance it’s capable of. That’s why we stock the best shock absorber and suspension upgrades we can find, and any list of the best has to include Boss Air Suspension.

Boss make a whole range of suspension options, but their airbag systems are an incredibly capable and flexible way to improve performance. Most of them are simple bolt-on options that you can fit with a few basic tools, but simple doesn’t mean ineffective. Your existing suspension will get a massive boost, restoring the full off-road capability your vehicle was designed for.

If you’re looking for more advanced options Boss have those too. With a compressor and air tank you can control the pressure of your air suspension from the cab, a feature that only military combat vehicles used to have. You can raise or lower each side independently, soften the suspension to give an easier ride on the road or raise the pressure to take the worst impact out of those potholes.

Boss Australasia is a company that knows all about Australia’s harshest conditions and what it takes to survive in them. They’ve been leading this field for over ten years and their products are the most advanced air suspension kits you can get. Top grade materials, advanced manufacturing and the best in sealing technology make these unbeatable at any price. At Tough Toys we always try to bring you the best gear, and Boss air suspension is a real winner.

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