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Eezi Awn Awnings

If you read our blog you’ll know that we’re huge fans of awnings. Our own Tough awnings are some of the best you’ll find, giving you loads of space in a shelter that takes minutes to set up. We’re honest blokes though, and we won’t hide the fact that there are alternatives to an awning. One of the most popular is a roof tent, and for those it’s hard to beat Eezi-Awn.

Eezi-Awn are a South African country, which means they know a lot about touring in rough terrain – a lot of the country isn’t that different from Australia. They’ve also been making 4wd touring accessories since the 1980s so they’re pretty good at it by now. In fact every Eezi-Awn product we’ve seen has been excellent – designed to cope with the toughest conditions, then well made from top notch materials. We reckon their awnings are as good as ours.

Of course we’re not going to sell you their awnings when we could sell you ours, but we do think you’re going to like their roof tents. These are perfect if you like to sleep above ground level – that keeps you away from a lot of the wildlife, which is ideal if you prefer to appreciate Australia’s snakes from a distance. Set it up right and you can have the best of both worlds – a tent and an awning. Either pair an Eezi-Awn tent with your Tough awning or go for a combined system.

We’ve picked out the best tents from Eezi-Awn’s range and added them to our own, giving you some great new options for comfortable touring. These tents are really easy to use – mounted on your roof bars, they fold out and set up in minutes to create a spacious penthouse suite. Well, sort of. They’re also as rugged as tents get, and made for years of heavy use. They really are awesome bits of gear, especially if you’re touring as a family – you can tuck the kids up safely on the roof while the grown-ups relax under the stars with a couple of cold ones.

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