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Rodezi Fishing Rod Holders

The Rodezi Rack was invented by Kyran Sprott.

The design came about when our mate bought a new 4WD with a nudge bar and had no way of attaching a “rocket launcher”, and could not find anything else to carry his fishing rods on his regular trips to Morton and Frazer Island.

He said “Sprotty make me something that works”.  A conversation mixed a few beers and bundy’s, a couple of coasters and a pen - the idea was coming together.  The next day the work started. Kyran was in the shed every day after work.  He glued a few water pipe connections together attached another pipe to add height so that the rods and reels would clear the bonnet of the vehicle.  He then needed a clamp of some kind to attach it to the bar (75mm).  Many options were investigated and a final design was formulated. A provisional patent application was lodged at the end of January

During the following months prototypes were being produced and upgraded regularly, new ideas were tried, bits and pieces were purchased and things were cut, glued and/or welded to something else.

3Di Design  drew up the Rodezi Rack and smoothed the corners off a standard patent application was filed.   A prototype was then produced (literally carved out of a block of plastic).

The Rodezi Rack is moulded from impact modified glass filled nylon by B & C Plastics in Brisbane.  The Aluminium is sourced through Ullrich on the Gold Coast.

How it works

  • The clamp – to attach it to a bulbar or nudge bar.  Made of a black plastic compound and designed to fit a 75mm bar.  Comprises 2 pieces and bolts together over a bar.  It has 3 different sized inserts that can be inserted to reduce the size so that it fits bars between 45mm( 1 ¾ “) and 75mm (3”).  The rod holder can be tilted toward vehicle when attached to ensure it does not protrude forward of the bull bar.  There is a cone-lock device that forms part of the clamp and when unscrewed allows the adjustable post to be removed.  (Fishing rod holders are not permitted to be left on vehicles while they do not carry rods)
  • The adjustable post – to adjust height and direction of the rod holder is comprised of a number of parts.  Firstly the upper and lower posts are anodised aluminium and the upper post slides inside the lower post.  The lower post has another cone-lock device on the top of it.  When the cone-lock is unscrewed the top post can be adjusted to the required height and then tightened again to maintain it’s position.  There is a stopper in the bottom of the upper post to locate it within the lower post, which does not allow it to be pulled through the top of the lower post.  The height adjustability allows the rods to be carried above the line of vision for the driver and passenger of the vehicle, making the trip safer and more comfortable for all vehicle occupants.
  • The Rod Holder – to hold the prized fish catchers.  Is also a black plastic compound to protect rods and reels from being scratched and greatly reduces the risk of injury to pedestrians.
  • There are ‘V’ shaped cut-outs in the top and bottom of the tubes which hold the rods, allowing the rods to be carried with the reels on top or on the bottom. The V allows reels of different sizes to be carried effectively.  There is a cone-lock on the lower part of the rod holder to receive the upper post.
  • The rod holder can be swivelled 360 degrees when the cone-lock on either the rod holder or the clamp is loosened.  This allows the rods to be inserted from the front of the vehicle, then swung around, locked in place and simply secured at the other end.  When removing the rods the reverse is carried out.  If the vehicle is on a beach then the rod holder, containing rods, is simply turned to the front and tackle can be worked on and hooks baited, before they are removed from the vehicle.  The rods remain easily accessible at any time.

Rodezi T Bar Load Support

Rodezi T Bar Load Support

$271.82 AUD
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Rodezi Bullbar Fishing Rod Holder

Rodezi Bullbar Fishing Rod Holder

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