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The Fish Grip

Fishing has a lot going for it. It's an ideal excuse to relax beside a river for a few hours with a cooler full of beer, it adds some variety to a trip to the beach and it can be a great way to get your dinner as well. Australia offers you a lot of choice too, from spinning for yellowbellies in the southeast to marine big game fishing off the Great Barrier Reef.

Of course fishing's like anything else; you need the right gear. Most people concentrate on the stuff that does the actual catching – rods, reels, line and lures, that sort of thing. If you've built up some experience you'll know there are a few other things that make life easier though.

One thing that could do with being easier is holding on to a fish. They're famously slippery, and some of them can give you a nasty bite too. What's needed is something that lets you get a secure hold of them so you can get the hook out and either return it to the water or get it ready for the pan. Now Tough Toys has found the solution. It's called the Fish Grip. Not very imaginative, we know, but it's a perfect description.

The Fish Grip is a simple and sturdy set of locking grips that you just clamp over the fishes' lower jaw. Once they're on you have full control of the fish and you can handle it easily. They're light, robust and corrosion-proof – everything's made of plastic or stainless steel – and they'll even float if you drop them in the drink. They come in two sizes as well, a large set for game fish and a handy small version for freshwater anglers.

As well as giving you great control, a Fish Grip won't harm the fish. If you're fishing for fun and return your catch that's important; a lot of Australian species – like the Murray cod – need careful handling to keep them healthy after you let them go, and the large surface area of the Fish Grip's jaws make sure you don't dig into the jaw or break the skin and create a target for parasites.

Fish Grips are amazingly handy and light – you can clip them to your shirt and won't notice they're there until you need them – and come in a choice of six colours. You can even get ones that glow in the dark. They're not expensive either. If you're planning on catching anything you want a set of these with you.

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