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RFI Wireless

We really like CB radio as a way of keeping in touch when you're off in the Outback. The sets are affordable, reliable and compact, performance is excellent and the coverage takes in pretty much everywhere in Australia. It all adds up to a great system for keeping people informed on what you're up to, chatting to anyone who's on the air near you and calling for help if you need it.

Of course to work a CB set needs a good antenna. We spent a lot of time finding the Oricom radios we stock, and we wanted to find antennas that got the best out of them. Eventually we did.

RFI Wireless produce antennas for just about every task you could think of, as well as a range of other communications gear. What caught our eye were their UHF antennas, which are perfect for use with a vehicle-mounted CB set. They're extremely high quality bits of kit, available in a range of sizes and power output ratings, and they're tough enough to stand up to the rigours of off road driving.

While we were at it we checked out RFI's mobile phone antennas too. If you have trouble getting a decent signal on a car-mounted phone you need one of these to give you a boost. Being much larger than a typical phone aerial they put out a lot more power and also do a much better job of grabbing incoming signals.

The easiest way to mount an antenna is on your bull bars, so we have a couple of mounts to let you easily clamp a whip aerial on there. The RFI antennas slot easily into the mounts and will stay secure even over rough ground. The whip itself is flexible, so it can survive a few impacts with overhanging branches. Of course the whip section simply unscrews if you want to go through the car wash or park in a garage with restricted headroom, and there's a waterproof cap to seal the socket when you do that. It's this sort of attention to detail that convinced us to go with RFI Wireless.

Naturally the main thing you'll want to know about the antennas is how well they work. The answer is, very well. The UHF models don't need any tuning so they work with any channel on your radio, and all the wiring is low-loss cable to give you the maximum signal strength and clarity. The phone versions are just as easy and just as effective. If you want the best communications make sure you're relying on an RFI Wireless antenna.

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