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We’re big Ute fans at Tough Toys and we’re always interested in stuff that makes them even better. Mostly that means accessories for the bed, aimed at protecting your gear and keeping stuff secure. Bed rugs, liners, covers and trays are popular accessories for Ute owners and there’s a wide range on the market, but some of our favourites come from Proform.

As well as our own Tough Toys range we spend a lot of time hunting down the best accessories from all over the world. It doesn’t matter where it’s made – if you need it, we’ll find it. That can be a lot of work at times though, so it’s always good to find stuff a bit closer to home. New Zealand’s close enough, and that’s the home of Proform Plastics.

Kiwis like their Utes too – they’re handy for collecting sheep – and Proform make a load of great bed liners and covers. We sell their Bedrug, which is made of super tough industrial grade carpet, and the heavy polyethylene Bedliner. Both of these come sized to fit most of the popular Utes and they do a great job of protecting the paintwork from heavy gear, or your tent from a muddy Ute.

When you have a load of expensive kit in the back you also need to protect it from any passing mongrel who wants some free stuff, and Proform can help you with that too. The Roll-N-Lock retractable cover stows itself on a roller at the back of your cab and pulls out to lock to the tailgate, keeping weather and thieves out. It runs on rails fitted along the sides of the bed and these also take Proform’s Cargo Manager barriers, which are great at stopping everything sliding around. Or you can go for a Sportlid hard fibreglass cover.

If you’re fed up scrambling around in the bed to find stuff, why not get yourself a Cargo Slide? This heavy deck pulls out on runners so you can reach everything from the tailgate. It’ll hold up to 250kg, which should be enough for most tourers. It makes a great work surface too.

We like Proform’s products because they’re tough and practical, just like the Utes they’re designed for. Whether you use yours for work or off road touring, this kit will help you out.

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