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We all know that correct tyre pressures are essential for safe and efficient driving. What's the correct pressure, though? That depends on what you're doing. The pressure that suits high speed motorway driving isn't going to be ideal when you're trying to get through loose sand. It might save you fuel at 110kmh, but in the desert all it'll do is leave you stuck. You need to know what pressure to use in the conditions you're facing, and you need to be able to adjust them safely and accurately.

Adding pressure is easy with a good compressor, but deflating tyres for softer ground can be a bit harder. It's easy to let air out, but compressed air can be nasty stuff and it's also hard to do a controlled deflation to the right pressure. One of the best solutions we've found is Staun tyre deflators. Designed and manufactured in Australia, these are precision-made devices that make deflating to the chosen pressure as easy as you could want. Just screw them onto the valve stems and they'll do it for you. As soon as the tyres stop deflating just take them off again and you're ready to go. As a default they're set to 18psi but you can easily adjust that to suit the conditions. Whatever you're planning to drive on - sand, rocks, mud, you name it - these deflators will help make sure you get through it.

You can save a little bit of money by getting cheap deflators, but they're not as accurate and some of them are frankly dangerous. Your tyres are one of the most important parts of your vehicle, so keep them in top shape by choosing genuine Staun deflators. When you think of what a set of decent tyres costs, getting the best quality accessories for them is well worth it.

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