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Fyrlight Halogen Driving Lights - 9000 Nemesis & 5000

Fyrlight Halogen Driving Lights - 9000 Nemesis & 5000

In 2011, FYRLYT's design team began with a clean sheet approach. A new company with no legacy constraints and vast experience in what makes a quality driving light. The design brief was two parts;

  • A driving light to deliver a beam of light resulting in less driver fatigue and a volume akin to a wall of light. Vital was that this light RESOLVE MAXIMUM DETAIL of typical road hazards in wide ranging conditions. HID, LED & HALOGEN were all considered.

  • The physical design would be unrivaled in durability and functionality with ease of servicability for commerical use in regards to running costs so vital to truck fleet operations.

Truck drivers and the elite of Baja and Dakar reminded us of the heirarchy of light quality beyond the hype of 'BRIGHTER & WHITER' & other often meaningless performance hype.

Cutting edge design often begins with open mindedness, no legacy constraints, research and listening to the market. Unfortunately these values are often quashed by inflexible corporate structures and lack of qualified knowledge in the design phase.

Result? ‘Me-too’ generic products that offer no special value and in the case of many HID & LED driving lights, sourcing cheap generic Chinese components with inaccurate specifications etc. In time you have a monkey see monkey do and the market accepts what is nbeing sold to them is the best solution.

What if we ignored the status quo? What if we could create an output that had more volume, superior definition and less eye fatigue than HID or LED? What if we could make a light genuinely built for a lifetime of use and easy maintenance? What if we could do ALL THAT and save the customer BIG money?

Yes, it’s HALOGEN but not as you may know it! Our German 5000 & 9000 lumen bulbs are very special and truly produce a quality of light that is unrivalled by any HID or LED. If you think it sounds too good to be true then please ask us any questions you wish. We are here to help and assist those enthusiasts OBLIGATION FREE that are serious about driving lights and think beyond a ‘fanboy sheep’ mentality.                        

Beware of marketing, media agendas, 'experts' & egos! Want the truth? Ask a real user.

Asking for advice or opinions from re driving lights often results with a manic one eyed response with little factual reasoning aside from the fact the person cannot bear to be wrong on their purchase choice or it is what they 'have to' sell or in the case of 'some' media, appease an 'advertiser'. (Sorry, but it needs to be said!)

So we suggest you ask your questions or seek feedback on the FYRLYT facebook page so you can hear it directly from real FYRLYT owners. Many of these have used many different types of lights over the years and have a wealth of experience.

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