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First Aid Distributions

We all hope every touring holiday or rock crawling session is going to pass without accidents, and most of the time they do. Not always though. As well as all the hazards of being outside – weather, wildlife and hazardous plants, for a start – driving itself isn't the safest activity, and when you start talking about powerful, heavily loaded 4wd vehicles there are huge and potentially dangerous forces involved. Hopefully nobody will get hurt, but you need to be prepared for the worst and at the very least that means having the right first aid gear with you.

Many vehicles come with a basic first aid kit these days, but it's worth upgrading to a better one with a more extensive supply of stuff. A few plasters and a couple of gauze pads are fine for dealing with cuts and scrapes, but you can do a lot better than that. Ideally you want to be able to stabilise breaks, burns or serious cuts, at least well enough to last until you can get to a hospital. With a professional quality kit form First Aid Distributions you'll have everything you need. These kits are stuffed with high quality medical supplies, including everything you need to make a sling, tie on a splint or deal with a burn. They're ideal for minor annoyances too – splinter probes, eye wash and antiseptic cream will keep you on top of things. We have three kits available, from a standard vehicle kit to the big Marine box.

Australiahas a bit of a reputation for its wildlife, most of which can look after itself pretty well. If you run into any of it we can supply sprays and gels to take the pain out of a sting, and we even have a snakebite kit if you're really unlucky. The weather can be harsh too, and if you forget your sunscreen you can end up a bit uncomfortable. BurnAid gel will help you cool it down.

First Aid Distributions have a lot more little items to keep you safe and healthy when you're outdoors, including ice packs and antiseptic products. Make sure your vehicle is properly stocked to deal with any mishaps and you'll be able to relax and enjoy yourself a lot better.

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