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Front Runner 4X4 Roof Racks, 4WD Drawers & Accessories

Front Runner 4x4

When we started Tough Toys we made it our mission to put together the best collection of 4wd and off road accessories in Australia, and we don't care how far we have to go to manage that. When we found South African manufacturer Front Runner 4x4 we knew we wanted some of their gear for our range. South Africa has a lot of terrain that's pretty like Australia's, and we figured their well designed kit would be perfect. We were right. We became Australia's biggest online dealer for Front Runner products, so you can get your hands on some of this great gear!

As you know we take recovery equipment seriously, because we're all about enjoying yourself and a vehicle that's solidly bogged down isn't a lot of fun. That's why the Front Runner products that interested us include Sand Lizard Rescue Trax. These are some of the toughest recovery tracks we've ever seen, as well as being the most compact. They're only a quarter of an inch thick, but made from ultra-strong fibreglass and coated for extra grip. If you have a Front Runner roof rack you can stow them on the front of it, otherwise they slip easily into any narrow space. These are real quality items. In fact they're so strong you can double them up and use them to bridge short gaps, like a deep rut.

With products this capable, Front Runner 4x4 is an obvious choice for Tough Toys. We're all about making the best gear available at the best possible prices. That means we'll keep on looking for kit like the Front Runner Drop Down Table and finding a way to offer it to you. We're looking at the rest of the Front Runner range as well, and working with Front Runner to build on the amazing range of accessories we already have.

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