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If you're heading off the beaten track being able to keep in touch with the outside world isn't just a good way to keep up on gossip; it can be a life saver. Mobile phones have made it a lot easier, but they do have a bad reputation when combined with vehicles. The solution is a good Bluetooth hands-free set, and the best ones we've found are made by Parrot.

Parrot are based in Paris and they're a world leader in car communications systems. With one of their hands-free sets you can easily and safely make and receive calls on the move. That's not all, though. With smart phones taking over the market, Parrot have added the ability to use your phone's functions to make driving easier and more fun. Most smart phones have a navigation capability, and handy mounts let you set it up for easy visibility. If you use your phone to store music you can connect it to your vehicle stereo and access your whole library. Some mounting kits even have handy buttons to control playback without having to fiddle with on-screen menus. Voice commands, automatic phonebook synchronisation and plenty of other features let you get the most from your phone.

If a smart phone isn't enough for you Parrot are also making big advances with mobile web access. Using the Android operating system you can now get online from anywhere with mobile reception, use all your favourite apps and organise your music for perfect in-car entertainment.

If all this technology sounds too serious for you Parrot have now released a range of awesome model helicopters controlled by a smart phone or tablet. Stable and easy to fly, and rugged enough to survive a bump if you get over-enthusiastic, these four-rotor machines are great fun indoors or outside. They carry a video camera, too, so you can carry out your own surveillance missions and stream the video straight back to your phone.

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