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Mann Hummel Filters

We love the Outback, and get out there as much as we can. Australia has some of the best landscapes on Earth and a good 4wd is the best way to see them. They’re not easy environments though. The climate and terrain can be tough on people and they’re definitely tough on vehicles. Keeping yours in good condition is going to take some work and you’ll also need the right parts. When you buy a new wagon or Ute it’s going to be set up for the kind of driving most people do – on roads. That means some of its equipment isn’t going to be at its best in the bust. We always recommend upgrading the recovery kit, but there are some other items that can be replaced too. That includes some of your filters.

Your engine’s going to perform a lot better, and keep working more reliably, if you keep it clean. Dust, water and sand are your enemies here; they can be scenic, but you want to keep them out of the engine. That means having the right filters. Mann Hummel is a global leader in filter technology and they have a whole range of products to help keep your engine running smoothly. A good fuel filter is essential to get the water out your diesel, especially if it’s been stored in a jerrycan. It’s not unknown for dust to get in while you’re refuelling too. Then there’s your air intake – that can suck in a lot of dust, and your engine won’t like it.

One of the most useful Mann Hummel products is their Provent 200 catch can. This is a huge step forward in crankcase ventilation; it will save you oil, cut engine emissions and protect your turbo. This is a great bit of kit that will help keep your engine in top condition no matter what you ask of it. If you’re planning some epic trips the Provent 200 will seriously cut the risk of any problems along the way.

Accessories like the Provent aren’t shiny and interesting like a lot of other, but that doesn’t make them any less important. Sort out the little details like that and your 4wd will perform better and last longer.

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