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Piranha Offroad Accessories

Piranha Offroad is an Australian company that produces a brilliant range of accessories and replacement parts for 4wd vehicles, and we're really pleased to be offering some of them. The Piranha range includes loads of recovery equipment, camping kit and other handy stuff, but what really impressed us was their battery trays.

We're big fans of a dual battery setup for off road vehicles; it gives you some redundancy in your vehicle electrics and means you're never going to find yourself stuck because you've managed to drain the battery overnight. By keeping your accessories on one battery and your starter motor on another you can create a reserve of electrical power for when you need it most, and if something goes wrong with one battery you can jump it from the other.

Of course modifying a standard battery system to a dual one needs a bit of work, and to make a neat, reliable job of it you need a few specialised parts as well. That's where Piranha Offroad come in. They're now producing a range of high quality battery trays designed specially for dual battery systems, and they're available for most of the popular off road vehicle models. Now you don't have to worry about fabricating a proper tray, because Piranha have done it for you and they've done a great job.

All Piranha battery trays are made from plated steel, to get the best combination of strength and corrosion resistance. More strength comes from the design; high sides, and pressed bases where possible, create an almost indestructible unit that can easily stand the stress of off road driving. The sides also help hold your battery securely in place, and the trays are generously sized to hold the biggest batteries possible. Top mounts, with all the fixing hardware included, support the tray itself.

We've looked at a lot of dual battery setups and these Piranha trays are the best we've seen by a long way. They're a good, solid piece of gear that's designed with one thing in mind – reliability. If you want a good dual system with the minimum of messing around this is exactly what you need.

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