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Most people are terrified of getting a little ding on their car's bodywork but never look underneath it. If you enjoy taking a 4WD off road the chances are you see things the other way round. A couple of dents and scratches aren't going to slow you down any but there's a bunch of kit underneath that you can't afford to have damaged. Sump, steering rack, tail shaft, suspension, radiator… all that stuff and more is bolted around the chassis of your vehicle and if you prefer the outback to the car park it's going to be feeling pretty exposed.

When you head off road you're running the risk of a whole new range of hazards. Rocks can give the underside of your wagon a real beating, and logs and branches seem to be experts at getting wedged where you really don't need them. Even driving down a rutted track can be a nightmare; if those ruts get just a little too deep the ground between them will do its best to rip bits off your vehicle. Even the most rugged 4x4 isn't going to get far with a punctured radiator or jammed tail shaft, and there's a limit to what you can repair yourself. If you find yourself stuck a hundred miles from anywhere with a cracked transmission there's not much you can do except start walking, and that can be dangerous.

What's needed is a way to protect those vital mechanical bits from all the stuff that wants to break them. We've been looking for a solution to this, and the good news is we've found one. The kit you're looking for is a Brown Davis Underguard, and we can supply them for most vehicles.

The Underguard is a simple idea. If you don't want stuff broken, put it behind a slab of armour plate. With an Underguard you get an easily fitted piece of armour designed just for your vehicle, so anything nasty heading for your running gear will find a sheet of steel in its way. Brown Davis have developed four types of guard, all built to protect vital areas of your vehicle. Some models combine two or more into a single unit for even easier installation. Here's what you can choose from:

  • Front guard. The first couple of feet of your chassis contains plenty of stuff that you won't get far without. Your radiator, intercooler, steering gear and a lot more are all in there, and you can't afford to have a rock smash against them. A front guard will keep them safe, and many models also extend back to cover your sump. Where possible they're angled to push hazards down and away.
  • Transmission guard. Break the tranny and you're stuck. The problem is recovery trucks might have a problem getting to where you did it. It's better to fit an Underguard and avoid the problem in the first place. Transmission guards integrate with your front guard to give a single protected surface.
  • Transfer case guard. Don't leave your transfer case as a weak point. Fitting either to the chassis or the case itself, these protectors will give it the same tough steel shell as all the stuff up front.
  • Fuel tank guards. Brown Davis offer a limited range of these. Why limited? They also make a range of extra-tough fuel tanks, which don't need the added protection.

All Underguards are laser-cut from 3mm aluminised steel and folded on the latest precision machinery, so you're guaranteed a perfect fit. Fixing points are doubled up or shrouded to stop the bolts being ripped out, and the whole thing is sealed in with a satin black powder coat. Attachment uses existing bolt points whenever possible and where that can't be done high-grade fasteners are supplied. Brown Davis also take care to make Underguards compatible with as many other accessories as possible, so it's not likely they'll interfere with bull bar mountings or anything like that.

Off road driving can give your 4x4 a real beating, but that shouldn't hold you back. An Underguard lets you shrug off hazards, so sort yourself out with underbody protection and get going.

Brown Davis

Patrol ROPS

$2,355.45 AUD

Amarok ROPS

$2,350.91 AUD

Rodeo ROPS

$2,094.55 AUD

Triton ROPS

$2,094.55 AUD

Navara ROPS

$1,988.18 AUD

ROPS Cargo Barrier

$674.55 AUD

Vitara Underguard

$617.27 AUD

Toureg Underguard

$336.36 AUD

BT-50 Underguard

$206.36 AUD


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