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King Offroad Shocks

Most vehicle design is a compromise, and with 4wd models now so popular as everyday cars they’re as affected by it as anything else – maybe even more. Most 4wd wagons and a fair percentage of utes will never have to handle anything rougher than the school run, so manufacturers set up the suspension to give a smooth ride on roads. It’s still capable of venturing into the bush, but you’re losing a bit of what the basic vehicle design can do. The good news is you can get that performance back by fitting some more specialised parts, and your first stop should probably be some King shocks.

King Shocks are based in California, where they have a long history of custom vehicles, and the company grew out of the local racing scene. Back in 1996 Lance King realised that racing across the southwestern desert generated levels of abuse that standard racing shocks just couldn’t handle. Multiple shocks were being mounted on each wheel and pit crews were swapping them out along with the tyres. That obviously wasn’t good enough, so King and his sons decided to come up with something better. And they did.

King Shocks made their name producing custom absorbers for race vehicles, but it didn’t take long before they realised that off road tourers could use the same level of design and quality. They started work on a new range, using the same innovative design and top grade materials as their race shocks but cutting required maintenance to the minimum. The result is some of the best off road shocks you’ll find anywhere. Fit a set of these and you’ll get better reliability, a safer ride and improved performance, because there’s no compromise – King off road shocks are designed to let you go anywhere.

At Tough Toys our mission is to get you the best 4wd accessories at the best price, and that made King Shocks a must-have. If you want to get the best from your vehicle these will do nicely.

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