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Cyndan Chemical Solutions

Owning a 4wd vehicle and keeping it in good shape means you get pretty good at cleaning stuff. You can take a normal car down to the local car wash and hose it down easily enough but when you’ve spent a week sand crawling or ploughing through mud a bit more effort is needed. If you want to avoid rust it’s vital to get right underneath and clean away any dirt that can trap moisture, especially if your chassis has taken a few scrapes along the way. You’ll want to get any old grease removed as well, because that can hold wet sand or mud just where you don’t need it. If you do a lot of your own maintenance and modifications even more cleaning is needed – degreasing for example. No, it’s not fun.

Staying on top of all this maintenance is a lot easier if you have decent cleaning products, and as off road enthusiasts ourselves we know that as well as anyone. That’s why we’re always looking out for any bottles of magic gunk that help with the job, and we’ve become big fans of Cyndan Chemicals. Cyndan is a 100% Australian company that started making industrial chemicals in 1978. They’ve branched out into a whole range of fields, including specialist coatings, and a lot of the stuff they make is cleaning products that are ideal for 4wd use.

Cyndan’s products include environmentally friendly degreasers that are great for cleaning up a hard-worked engine, as well as general purpose cleaners for the inside and outside of your vehicle. Specialist products do an awesome jo on brakes, wheels and electrical systems.

They don’t just stop at keeping your wagon clean though – they also have a great anticorrosion coating that’s perfect for battery terminals. If you live near the coast, or do a lot of driving in winter or around rivers, this stuff will do wonders for reliability in your electrical system. High quality lubricating oils and grease help with general maintenance, as do bolt loosening sprays. You can even get workshop packs containing everything you need for basic 4wd care – these are great things to add to your vehicle tool kit.

Some people try to get by with a brush and a bucket of soapy water, but you’ll get better performance and longer life from your vehicle if you give it the attention it deserves. Cyndan cleaning and maintenance products are a big help with that, and at Tough Toys we really recommend them.

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