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Engine & Drivetrain

Drivetrain upgrades include locking diffs which enable you to crawl over rocks and obdstacles with ease and you don't end up loosing traction when a wheel leaves the ground. Other upgrades include diff breathers and snorkels for water crossings, long range fuel tanks and exhaust systems.

Tough Toys offers a range of engine and drivetrain upgrades which will improve your offroading experience. Check out the categories below:

Air, Oil & Fuel Filter Kits
Extend the life of your engine with replacement filter kits. Secondary fuel filter kits also available.
Diff Breathers
Keep your Diffs free of water & mud.
Diff Lockers
Gain traction by locking your front and rear diffs.
Exhaust Systems
Aftermarket exhaust systems can really free up power from your engine.
Hubs Spacers & Brakes
Drivetrain Hubs, Spacers & Brakes
Long Range Fuel Tanks
Extend the distance you travel between fuel stops.
Oil Catch Cans
Crank case ventilation & oil catch cans prevent engines from gunking up.
Replacement Hoses
Replace your old, worn out & cracked hoses.
Snorkels & Air Intakes
Snorkels & air intakes allow you to take your vehicle further offroad.