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IPF Driving Lights

Driving off road is so much fun you won’t want to stop when it gets dark. Or maybe you can’t stop when it gets dark – you’re running a bit behind schedule, you’re still a bit away from the campsite where your mates are waiting for you, and the sun’s going down. No worries. You have lights, right?

Of course you do, but do you have enough lights? Most modern 4wds have pretty good headlights, but they sometimes struggle a bit when you head off the beaten track. They’re low down, so they can end up getting pretty muddy. Dust is also an issue. There are a whole load of reasons why they might need a bit of help. That’s where IPF Corporation come in.

Based in Japan, IPF are one of the world’s top manufacturers of vehicle lights. They sell a lot of lights to the Japanese car industry but they’ve also built up a global reputation among race and rally drivers. IPF handle every stage of the process themselves, from initial design concept to manufacture and assembly, and they know exactly what’s needed for good driving lights – performance, reliability and toughness. There’s no messing about with lightweight but flimsy materials here; these are really built to last, with toughened glass and massively strong steel cases.

Tough Toys now have a range of IPF lights, covering both driving lights and spots, plus plenty of accessories to help you get them mounted. It’s easy to fit these on your bumper or on the cap, depending on your vehicle and the sort of terrain you drive on, and the choice of lights available means you can set up the exact combination of long-range beams and wide coverage you prefer. IPF spot or driving lights are serious gear that you can really depend on, which is why so many professional drivers choose them, so if you want quality illumination to guide your way at night you can’t go wrong with them.

Tough Toys are always looking for top class 4wd accessories, because our mission is to make the best gear available to off-roaders anywhere in Australia. Everything we sell is hand-picked for quality, and IPF lights are no exception.

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