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Bluescrew Sand Pegs

You’ve probably already noticed that we’re huge fans of awnings. There’s no better way to create a huge, sheltered space when you’re camping, so whenever you see us touring there’ll be a long bundle bolted down the side of the roof bars. Unless we’ve stopped for the night of course, in which case we’ll be sitting under the canopy enjoying a couple of cold ones. Assuming we can get it to stay up, of course.

To keep an awning secure when there’s a wind you need to peg it down with guy lines, otherwise they can get a bit flappy. That’s fine on firm ground but a lot of Australia isn’t as firm as it could be.  If you’ve ever tried to peg something down on the beach you know exactly what we mean. Normal pegs won’t grip in sand – they just pull straight out again as soon as you put any tension on them. You’ll have similar problems in soft mud, silt or snow. Need to fasten something to the bed of a stream or pond? Stand by; water-filled sediment gives a normal peg no grip at all.

Don’t give up yet though, because we’ve found a great solution. Bluescrew ground anchors are specially designed for those tricky surfaces that your normal pegs don’t like, and they do an amazing job. They’re also tough and lightweight. We’ve seen screw-threaded pegs before, but mostly they’re meant more for easy removal than extra grip; you can twist them out of the ground instead of having to use brute force. Bluescrews work the same way. You don’t need to bang them in; you just screw them in clockwise, and if you turn them anticlockwise they’ll come right back out again. The difference is the size of the screw. It’s short – just a couple of inches at the pointy end of the peg – but very wide. By screwing that into sand or anything else you create a huge gripping surface, so until you twist it loose the Bluescrew isn’t going anywhere.

Bluescrews aren’t just simple peg replacements; they have multiple tiedown points including the main hook, a hole through the shaft and the T-piece that also acts as a grip for screwing them in and out. They’re available in two sizes. The small 31cm ones are perfect for awnings or tents. The larger 58cm size will do for that too, but they might be overkill. Where they’re perfect is for mooring a small boat or Jetski. Bluescrew say they’re equivalent to a 400 pound sand anchor and after testing a couple we believe them. Want to tie up the kids dog? Hook his leash to a Bluescrew and he’s not going anywhere.

Whatever you want to fix to soft ground, Bluescrews will do it. You can even peg a tarpaulin to sand dunes or vertical banks. They’ll hold in turf, mud or underwater, and you won’t lose them in water either because they float. Just hang on to your standard pegs for using in hard ground; we reckon Bluescrews are tough enough to be twisted into solid soil as well, but you’d probably never get them out again!

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