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Quickfist Clamps

If you’ve spent any time off-roading you’ll know how important it is to keep all your gear secure. It can get pretty bouncy when you’re ploughing your way down a potholed track or through a rocky river bed, not to mention the way corrugations get stuff moving around. Most of us soon build up a collection of nets, straps and ockies to hold things down, but that’s not a perfect solution. It’s especially not good when you need to get a hold of one item in a hurry, like your shovel or fire extinguisher. What you want is something that lets you hold gear securely but also allows rapid access when you need it. Basically you need Quick Fist Clamps.

Quick Fist Clamps are what professionals use when they need to hold stuff securely, but be able to get at it in a hurry. You’ll find them on military vehicles, fire engines and work boats. They’re really serious bits of gear and completely dependable, plus they’re very affordable too. Quick Fist use high grade rubber to make a whole range of fasteners in various sizes. You can get clamps to hold anything from 13mm to 381mm in diameter, and the larger ones use flexible straps that will take any shape of object. Want to keep your shovel in place? A standard Quick Fist for the handle and an XL for the blade, and you’re sorted. If you want to secure really big stuff they also do tie down belts that seriously outperform your old bungee cords.

One of the best things about Quick Fist clamps is how amazingly versatile they are. You can mount them discreetly inside your vehicle to hold the fire extinguisher or flashlight in place, or if you run a more full-on expedition wagon it’s easy to mount them externally to keep tools where you need them. They can be mounted with screws, bolts or industrial glue, so you can fit them pretty much anywhere. Recovery kit, fishing rods, air lines – anything you need to secure can be stowed just where you want it.

The rubber Quick Fist use is strong, UV-resistant and long lasting, so your clamps aren’t going to fall apart after a couple of years. This is heavy duty professional gear that you can safely rely on, in any conditions.

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