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Supertrim Seat Covers

Loading up your 4wd and heading off road is fun, but it can also be pretty dirty. If you’re serious about not getting stuck you’ll be checking out muddy patches, river crossings and potential sand traps on foot. Or maybe you’ll be getting stuck, and spending an enjoyable hour or two digging yourself out. Either way you’re going to get wet and dirty. For an old-school off road wagon, with a bare metal interior and vinyl seats you can wash with a hose, that’s no big deal. A lot of us are driving nicer vehicles these days though. Most modern 4wd models are as comfortable inside as any other car, and you probably don’t want to mess it up more than you can help.

At Tough Toys we have the solution. We’ve found a whole range of great products to keep your cab clean and shiny, and now it includes Supertrim seat covers. Supertrim started out selling replacement trim parts, but their stuff was so good they’ve expanded a bit. Now they supply interior parts to every car factory in Australia, which is pretty impressive. There’s a good chance your vehicle already has some Supertrim products in it, but if you like touring the ones you need are their seat covers.

Supertrim make seat covers for most of the popular 4wds, and can make them to order for pretty much anything else; they have patterns for over 600 models. Their covers are available in three materials – canvas, neoprene or vinyl. We recommend the neoprene ones as the best balance of comfort and durability. This is the same stuff they make wetsuits out of, so it’s excellent at keeping mud, sand and dust off your nice seats. It also does a great job of protecting them from spilled liquids, so if you have small kids you might want to leave them fitted all the time. If you don’t that’s no problem – they fit like a glove, but they’re easy to remove (and clean).

Any vehicle you take off-road touring is going to endure a bit of abuse, but it makes sense to protect it as much as you can. You’ve invested a fair chunk of cash in it, and it deserves to be looked after. Supertrim seat covers will help you do that, and we think that makes them a great investment too.

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