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SMM Canopies

It’s hard to beat a ute for carrying capacity. Whether your business needs a way to haul tools and materials, or you’re looking for a touring vehicle that can pack in everything for a long trip, the massive load space of a good ute is a tempting option. There are trade-offs in everything, though, and utes are no exception. There’s plenty of space in the back but it’s not well protected. Whatever you store in there, everything can get at it – rain, dust, thieves, the lot. Luckily there are a few solutions, like lockable tonneau covers, but some of these have your own issues. A cover limits your load to the height of the bed, for example. What if you want to move bigger items?

That’s where SMM steel covers come in. These are high grade steel canopies that mount over your ute’s tray, turning it into a fully sealed and secure cabin. You get all the benefits of a ute – a separate cab and massive load space – plus the security of a fully enclosed vehicle. All your gear will be safely stored inside a weatherproof steel shell with central locking, and there’s plenty of room for bikes and other large items.

For off-road touring SMM canopies have another advantage. A lot of ute cabs are too short to easily mount an awning, which is a bit of a drawback if you like having a comfortable camp. SMM canopies come with roof rails that take up to a 100kg load, so you can easily fit as big an awning as you like. You’ll also have plenty space in the back for a tent kit, grill and all the other luxuries you need to enjoy your trip.

Sammitr Motors Manufacturing have been making top quality steel canopies since 1995 and they’ve been available in Australia since 2007. Since 2014 SMM Australia has been directly importing them and we’ve now added their products to our range. They fit right in with our aim of bringing you the best 4wd gear we can find. If you use your ute for work, or want to make it an even better touring wagon than it is already, an SMM canopy gives you a lot more options and keeps your valuable gear as safe as houses.

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