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Spatial Vision Maps

No matter how much of an impact technology has had on navigation, we're still big fans of carrying paper maps of any area you plan to drive through. They can't go wrong, so you'll always have a way to navigate, and a lot of the time they're actually quicker than an electronic alternative – if you just want a quick check of what's ahead it's a lot faster to open a map than to fiddle around with a GPS receiver. We usually recommend Hema maps, because they have a fantastic set that covers pretty much anywhere you could want to go in Australia, but if you live in Victoria or plan to spend some time touring the state there's an alternative that's well worth a look.

Vicmap data is the ultimate geographical data for Victoria. It was developed for use by the emergency services and military, and it shows absolutely everything. As you'd expect there's full details of buildings and facilities, but it goes into a lot of detail about other stuff too. If you're planning to go through a wooded area it's handy to know tree density, and these maps will tell you if you're facing an impenetrable barrier of trees or a more open forest you can get through in a 4wd. There's accurate elevation data to help you plan cross country routes. Every road and track is on there. It really is fantastic mapping. Spatial Vision are a licensed provider of Vicmap products and we've managed to team up with them to make Vicmap available to you.

As well as their electronic products Spatial Vision produce five books of mapping based on Vicmap data, and between them they cover the whole of Victoria. Whatever you want to do, these books have the information you need. They're ideal for 4wd activities, camping, hiking, fishing and just about anything else you can think of. Each book contains beautifully printed 1:100,000 mapping, complete with 1:50,000 maps of major towns, and every page is stuffed with details. If you can't find it in one of these it's probably not worth finding. The books don't have as much extra information as the Hema maps, but for the ultimate navigation tool for Victoria they're hard to beat. We really recommend these.

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