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Minewhips Sand Flags

When your 4wd is parked up outside the house, all loaded for a trip, it’s pretty hard to miss. It’s a big machine, probably with a load of gear on the roof, and it’s hard to imagine missing it. Once you get out in the wilds things are a bit different though. If you’re driving through bush or uneven ground it can be pretty hard to spot a vehicle until it’s very close – maybe too close to avoid a collision. If you enjoy dune driving you’ll probably know exactly what we’re talking about. You’re traversing a dune when, suddenly, someone else comes roaring over the top. Inevitably, sometimes accidents happen.

The solution is obviously to make your vehicle more visible, and the way to do that is to put a flag on top. Putting a flag above the roof line can give vital extra seconds of warning, and that might make the difference between a safe change of course and a messy smash-up. Improvised flags aren’t exactly unusual; if you have a whip antenna you can stick one on the end of it as a handy signal of your presence. The trouble with improvised ones is they’re not always that sturdy, and it’s easy for branches or just the wind to carry them off. The solution is to get a flag that’s built to take some abuse, and that’s where Minewhips come in.

Minewhips is an Australian business that’s been making safety gear for the mining industry for years. Vehicles around a mine face a lot of the same issues as off roaders; there can be a lot of movement around places where lines of sight aren’t good. Spoil heaps and cuttings can all block your view of another wagon until it’s very close – and they opted for the same solution. Minewhips make a range of heavy duty flags designed to stand up to the toughest conditions and make you safer without getting in the way.

Choice is always nice when you’re looking for accessories, and Minewhips give you plenty of it. As well as the simple stuff, like the colour of your flag, you can pick different mounting systems or lengths of pole. You can even go for a pole with LED lighting, to make you super-visible even at night. It’s all top grade gear too, compliant with Australian mining industry safety standards, so it’s not going to fall to bits the first time it hits a low branch.

Items like this don’t always seem too exciting, but as off road driving becomes more popular the chance of running into someone else is increasing. A Minewhips flag will do a lot to keep you safe in rough terrain, and we think they’re a great addition to the Tough Toys range.

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