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Harris Hardcase

If you’re getting the most out of your 4wd it’s probably going to take a beating. Rough tracks, rocks and old stumps are permanent hazards when you head out into the great Australian landscape, and if it’s not your lucky day one of them can break something important underneath. A good vehicle is pretty tough, but smack the diff on off enough boulders and there’s a pretty good chance something’s going to break. There are two ways to deal with this. One is to stay nice and safe on the roads. Too boring for you? We think so too. The other solution is to bolt some decent armour to the underside and drive where you like.

Hardcase 4x4 is an Australian company that wants to give you the freedom to take on any terrain, and they’ve done that by coming up with some real heavy duty under-body armour. Right now they have two products, the original Harris Hardcase and the new Hard Arse. The Hardcase is a front diff guard, and right now they make ones suitable for Toyota Land Cruisers and a wide range of Nissan Patrol and Ford Maverick models. The Hard Arse protects the rear and it fits any Nissan Patrol with an H233 diff.

There are some excellent bash plates on the market for off-roaders, but Hardcase products are pretty special. They’re laser cut from 6mm cold rolled steel – twice as thick as most other armour kits. We’re happy to rely on 3mm of steel to keep most rocks and branches out of the mechanical stuff, so the protection you get from these plates is just awesome. You’ll have to really smash into stuff to put a dent in them. They’re also fully MIG welded at all joins and attachment points, rustproofed with galvanised or powder coat finishes, and really easy to fit. They come with custom bolts and all the hardware you need to get them mounted, and no welding or modification to your vehicle is needed.

Tough terrain needs a tough vehicle, and that’s what we’re all about at Tough Toys. Hardcase 4x4 products are pretty exciting, and we’re really happy to have them in our range now. Get a set today and you’ll be ready for anything.

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