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National Luna Fridges

Spending the day exploring new landscapes can work up a bit of an appetite, so there’s no better way to finish it off than with a good meal at your campsite. If you’re spending more than one night out you’re limited in what you can take with you, though. An Esky will keep meat and veg fresh – or beer cold – for a few hours, but pretty soon you’ll be down to packets and tins.

At least, you will be unless you’ve sorted yourself out with a portable fridge freezer. These are getting more popular – because they’re awesome – and there’s an increasing range to choose from. We reckon the National Luna ones are pretty hard to beat though.

National Luna is a division of Dolium, one of Australia’s top 4wd accessory makers, and they started out making World Health Organisation-approved fridges for medical teams in Africa. These had a tough job to do – keeping delicate drugs and vaccines at a guaranteed low temperature, in weather than could be even hotter than anything you’ll find in Australia and with mains power often being a luxury. The result was they got good at making very efficient and reliable fridges, and then off roaders started noticing how good they were. Now National Luna are the top choice for all sorts of people who want good mobile fridges – mining companies, safari operators and even caterers. It goes without saying they’re ideal for 4wd touring.

What really makes National Luna fridge freezers stand out is the quality of the design. They’re built to be compact and lightweight, but also rugged and very, very efficient. They’ll run on vehicle or mains power and can keep your stuff frozen in outside temperatures well into the 40s. Ultra-high efficiency insulation and clever design make it possible, and smart electronics mean they won’t give your battery as much of a hammering as a more basic fridge will.

National Luna have a wide range of models, starting with a single-compartment 40 litre size that can be used as a fridge or freezer. The next up is a 50 litre, which combines a fridge and a separate 10 litre freezer, and from there they go up to a massive 125 litre size. Even that’s compact enough to fit easily in the back of your 4wd with plenty of space left for other gear, though, so keeping yourself supplied with fresh steaks and cold beer doesn’t mean you have to leave anything else behind.

When we look for new gear for the Tough Toys line-up we aim to get the best we can find, and these awesome fridges definitely qualify. We have a full range of models along with plenty of accessories to help you get the best out of them. Whatever one you choose, it’ll make a big difference to your campsite cooking.

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