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Say Mazda to a lot of people and they think of sleek little sports cars or family saloons. If you know your Utes, though, you'll probably have seen some of their more rugged offerings. Mazda sell a couple of crossover SUV type vehicles, which are popular as family cars and are also up to some light off road driving, and they also have a range of sturdy Utes. The Bravo was a popular choice for years and a lot of them are still giving good service, but the latest model to look out for is the BT-50. These are good reliable trucks and if you like a Ute for your expeditions they're ideal.

Actually they're not ideal straight from the showroom. They're pretty good, but like most vehicles not quite perfect. That's inevitable of course. Most 4wds and Utes are bought by people who'll never stray off the road, so that's what they're set up for. The basis of a great all terrain wagon is there but some tweaking round the edges is needed to get the most out of it. That's where Tough Toys come in. We're 4wd enthusiasts ourselves and we know what accessories you need to turn your Mazda into the ultimate off road machine. It doesn't matter if you want to boost your range, add some bash proofing or get set up for easy recovery – we have the gear you need.

Most 4wds and Utes are fitted with standard fuel tanks, not that much different from the ones in a normal car. That makes economic sense for the manufacturers, and it's not a problem for most owners because they're never far from a fuel station. When you enjoy getting away from it all in Australia's vast landscapes it can be a bit tricker though. Luckily there's a lot of leftover space inside the bodywork of these vehicles, so with a bit of clever design you can fit a much larger tank. We supply Brown Davis and Longrange Automotive tanks, with up to double the capacity of the factory ones. They're easy to fit, too, with no modification needed – it's just a bolt in replacement.

Rough ground can give the underside of your Ute a real beating – sometimes it seems like rocks and stumps are just waiting their chance to smash into your sump or transfer case. Shrug it all off with a Brown Davis Underguard. Made from toughened 3mm steel, this easily fitted armour will make your running gear almost invulnerable. For ultimate go-anywhere capability add a Safari snorkel; these aren't just great for crossing rivers, they help keep dust out of your air filter too.

As well as upgrading your Mazda we can also help you stock it with everything you need to head off into the wilds. Recovery equipment, camping gear, safety and first aid kits – we have it all. Because we sell online we also have it all at some of the best prices you'll find, and we deliver anywhere in Australia. Basically we've done all we can to make it easy for you to get the off road expedition gear you want.

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