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Mazda CX-5

Mazda's CX-5 is towards the smaller end of the 4wd class and as a crossover style it's sold as a car that's going to spend most of its time on the road. Don't be fooled though – it still has good off road capabilities and if you enjoy getting away from it all the CX-5 will serve you well. Like most soft roaders it can do with some additions to get it all ready for the Outback though, and that's where Tough Toys come in. We've been 4wd enthusiasts for years, and we've put our experience to good use by collecting a range of high quality off road accessories. We stock everything from long range fuel tanks to stubbie coolers, and by selling online we can supply you anywhere in Australia at great prices. If you want to turn your CX-5 into an off road monster we have everything you need.

With its compact size the CX-5 isn't as roomy in the back as a larger vehicle, and while there's still plenty space for a load of camping gear anything that cuts down the bulk is welcome. Firstly you can get out of carrying a tent by fitting your roof bars and installing one of our Tough awnings. These massive shelters roll out from the roof and set up easily in a couple of minutes, and you end up with a big patch of shade (or dryness) right beside your wagon. They also take optional mozzie nets or tent kits to give even more protection from the elements, and unlike other awnings ours come with built-in LED lights.

Save more space by switching your regular water containers for a LifeSaver Australia jerrycan. As long as you can find water somewhere – a river, a pond, even a drainage ditch – this will turn 18.5 litres of it into clear, safe drinking water in minutes. Then you can refill it and do it again – the filter is good for 20,000 litres.

A fact of life when you good 4wd touring is that sometimes you're going to get stuck. That doesn't need to be a problem though. We have a full range of top quality recovery gear to help you get out again. Snatch straps, folding shovels, sand channels (including the awesome Treds) and exhaust jacks will all help put you get moving again in no time. Well, not much time. We even have deep dish floor mats to keep your CX-5's carpets clean after you've finished digging it out of the mud.

The CX-5 has a lot of potential and we're here to help you unlock it. You can have a lot of fun in one of these rugged and economical wagons, and with some of our Tough Toys on board you'll be ready for anything.

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