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Mazda CX-9

Crossover 4wd vehicles are becoming popular, and Mazda haven't wasted any time in getting into that market. Their CX-9 is a comfortable car when you want to stick to the roads but also a pretty capable cross country machine if you're feeling adventurous. The CX-9 has all the performance and mobility you need for off road touring and with a few well chosen accessories it'll soon shed its road car image and look the part too.

Tough Toys is all about quality 4wd accessories. We've put our years of off road experience to work and set out to choose the best gear available, then make it available to enthusiasts all over Australia at great prices. Whatever you're looking for to get your CX-9 set up for adventures, we have it.

The first priority for any 4wd vehicle that's going off road is being able to get going again if you find yourself stuck. That can be a drama, but it'll go a lot easier if you have the right recovery gear with you. Sadly the tool kit that comes with your CX-9 isn't ideal for the job. It's fine for changing a wheel beside the road, and if you add a tow rope you'll be able to haul a broken down car to the nearest workshop, but it won't help you much when you're up to the axles in mud. That's when you need some decent shackles and a snatch strap. We have them, as well as some other great kit like exhaust jacks. Unlike a normal jack these work just fine on soft ground, and they're a lot less effort to use too.

Get some roof bars on your CX-9 and you can mount one of our Tough awnings to give you a handy shelter every time you stop. These go up in minutes and create a huge space beside your vehicle where you can relax out of the sun or rain. They even come with built in LED lighting, and can be fitted with optional mozzie nets and tent kits.

Water's essential if you're touring or off roading, especially in less populated areas. It's also heavy and bulky, though, especially when you're carrying enough for a few says. With a LifeSave Australia jerrycan you can now collect water from any natural source and quickly filter it into pure drinking water – it won't even taste like a swimming pool. These great containers store up to 18.5 litres and filter it so thoroughly that even most viruses are removed. The filter is good for up to 20,000 litres too.

We also have a huge range of safety, navigation, repair and cleaning supplies, so whatever you want for your CX-9 we can help you out. It's a great vehicle for doing some exploring in and our mission is to help you make it even better.

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