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Mazda BT-50

Mazda Utes have had a good reputation for decades, and we know a lot of people who're happily driving all over the place in a Bravo or B2600. Mazda have now replaced these models with their new BT-50, and if you're an off road enthusiast this is one Ute you should be looking at. It's slightly bigger than its predecessors and even more capable cross country, so either as a business workhorse or a touring vehicle this could be exactly what you're after.

Of course once you have your BT-50 you'll probably want to give it a few personal touches. There are all sorts of reasons for that - meeting the demands of your job, turning it into the ultimate off road tourer or just making it easier to recognise in the car park. When you're looking for parts to help with this transformation make Tough Toys your first stop. We're big 4wd fans ourselves, so we know what you need and we'll make sure you get it at a great price. By selling online we can keep costs down, and we can also deliver anywhere in Australia. That's great news for you, so let's look at some of the stuff we have.

The BT-50 is a tough vehicle with great mobility, so if off road driving is your thing it's tempting to get pretty extreme with it. Of course that's fine until you hit a rock and break something. It's easy to do, but that doesn't make you feel any better when it happens. So stop it happening with a Brown Davis Underguard. Made from powder-coated 3mm steel and designed to bolt easily under your BT-50, this bashproof armour will protect your running gear from pretty much anything.

If you'd like to be able to reach more rocks you can boost your range with a long range tank. Our Brown Davis and Longrange Automotive tanks let you swap your factory one for a super size model holding up to 150 litres, which lets you go father without having to look for a filling station every few hundred kilometres. They're easy to fit – it's a simple one for one replacement – and pretty near as tough as an Underguard.

Having a Ute lets you carry loads of camping gear when you go touring, but it can get pretty dusty there in the back. We stock Proform tonneau covers, and for the BT-50 you have the choice of the hinged Sportlid hard cover or a neat roll-up system. They're both lockable to protect your gear when you leave your Ute parked up, and they'll keep everything inside safe from dust or rain.

We also have a full range of recovery, safety and camping gear as well as LED lightbars and work lights, water storage systems, roll bars and much more. If you're looking at creating the ultimate BT-50 we're here to help you out.


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