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Jeep Compass

If you fancy a Jeep but you'd like something more compact than the Grand Cherokee and more refined than the Wrangler, the Compass might be just what you're looking for. A tidy little crossover-type 4wd, it makes an ideal everyday car. Of course being an all wheel drive Jeep it also has what it takes to get off road and have some fun. Most owners probably won't do that though, so as standard it's more set up for road use. Don't worry though; at Tough Toys we have all the gear you need to turn your Compass into a top class expedition wagon.

As 4wd enthusiasts ourselves, we only stock gear we'd be happy to fit to our own vehicles. We know what works and what doesn't, and we have the experience to see what's going to help you when you get out there and start exploring. Whether you're looking for camping gear, recovery equipment or navigation aids we can help you out.

The Compass is a perfect vehicle if you like camping. It's roomy enough to carry you and all your stuff, and you can easily fit one of our Tough awnings to your roof bars. These are the perfect way to get yourself some shelter at the end of the day. You can set them up in seconds, they're sturdy enough to stand some pretty heavy weather and they now come with built in LED lighting for a touch of luxury. Add one of our mozzie nets and you have a covered space to relax, cook and sleep in.

If you like to get off road then sometimes you're going to get stuck. That's a fact of life, and 4wd fans don't complain; they just get on with digging themselves out again. We have all the gear you need to do that. From snatch straps to sand channels, and even our top quality exhaust jack – that's great; it will even lift you out of loose sand or soft mud – Tough recovery tools make it easy to get on the move again.

The Compass does have a lot of load space, but because of its compact size it's never going to carry as much as a Cherokee. Cut down the number of bulky (and heavy) water containers you need to carry with a LifeSaver Australia jerrycan. Designed for military use, this will filter water from just about any source and turn it into clean, safe drinking water. Unlike chlorine tablets it won't leave it tasting like a swimming pool either!

Whatever you need to fit out your Compass for adventure, we have it. Because we exclusively sell online we also have it at a great price, and we can deliver it to you anywhere in Australia. If you want to get the most from your Jeep check out our range now.

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