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Jeep Wrangler

Jeep have produced a range of 4wds over the years, and won a lot of fans in the process, but their name is still associated with the famous World War Two military Jeeps. That's not a memory that's going to fade away either because the direct successor of that vehicle, the Jeep Wrangler, is still in production and as popular as ever. This nippy little 4wd has a traditional frame and body construction that makes it easy to modify for even better off road performance, and it's still a solid favourite among enthusiasts. With a few well chosen accessories it's possible to lift the Wrangler's already impressive off road performance to a whole new level, and at Tough Toys we have exactly the gear you need. We're 4wd enthusiasts ourselves and we have a simple rule – if we wouldn't fit it to our own vehicles we won't sell it. Combine that with the low prices we achieve by selling online, and our ability to deliver anywhere in Australia, and we're all set to help you get the most from your Wrangler.

So what can you do to expand your Wrangler's capabilities? One way to get some tips is to look at what real hard core users fit. There's a new version of the Wrangler that goes right back to its military roots – the J8 is being marketed to armed forces. It's fitted with a snorkel that lets it wade through 30 inches of water, because wars don't stop when you reach a river. That's pretty impressive, but with one of our Safari snorkels you can do even better. Made from tough cross-linked polyethylene, these impressive snorkels shift your air intake to the top of the windscreen. That doesn't just let you wade through deep water without drowning the engine – it's a great way to keep dust out of your air filter, too. You can even rotate the intake head to keep snow from building up in it.

The easy way to increase your range is to load a few fuel containers into the back and top up when you need to. That uses load space though, and some people see it as a safety issue too. Here's a better idea – use some of the empty space inside your Wrangler's frame. A Brown Davis long range tank is a bolt-in replacement for the factory one, and depending on the model you have the capacity goes up to 115 litres. Still not enough? We also have Longrange Automotive auxiliary tanks, giving you up to 65 litres more. All our tanks are built to last, too. 2mm aluminium-coated steel gives you a corrosion-resistant tank that can take a few bumps.

If you like going places where bumps are likely you can make your Wrangler even more rugged with a Uneek4x4 diff truss. The Wrangler's rear diff isn't exactly fragile, but the outback is a harsh place and your vehicle can never be too tough. With a diff truss bolted on you'll be able to carry heavier loads, get across rougher ground and even jump your Jeep.

A favourite accessory for any 4wd driver is extra lighting, and we stock a great range of LED spots and lightbars. Get extra visibility for night driving, set up work lights to brighten your camp site and give your Wrangler a unique look.

We also have all the camping gear you could need for a comfortable night in the wild, plus enough recovery kit to retrieve your Jeep from the bottom of a mineshaft and a top assortment of safety kit. From snatch straps to stubbie coolers, we've got everything you need to turn your Wrangler into a go-anywhere expedition machine.


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