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Nissan's Terrano has now been replaced by the Pathfinder, but there are plenty of them still knocking about. That's likely to be the case for a good long time, too; these are tough vehicles that can take a lot of hard use. They make great work wagons too, because their high body gives more internal space and ground clearance than many competitors. If your job takes you off the beaten track, or you just like exploring Australia's fantastic wilderness areas, a Terrano is a great way to get around. Of course like any 4x4 you can make it even better with the right equipment, and that's where Tough Toys come in.

Tough Toys specialise in supplying you with the best possible 4x4 accessories at the best possible prices, and by selling online we can do that anywhere in Australia. We work on a simple philosophy - if we wouldn't fit it to our own vehicles we won't sell it to you. That means every item in our catalogue has been individually selected by dedicated 4x4 enthusiasts - that's us - as the best of its kind available.

One thing we always thought about the Terrano was that it could do with a bigger fuel tank. It's not that the one it comes with is small, of course, just that there's room for a bigger one. When you're driving around miles from anywhere it's a bit dull realising that you're running on fumes, and we have the kit to move that point a lot further down the road. Replace your Terrano's standard tank with one of our high-quality long range versions, and watch your fuel capacity nearly double. Yes, our Brown Davis long-range tank for the Terrano holds 145 litres of fuel. That'll keep you going for a bit, most likely.

So you have enough fuel to get where you're going. Now, what are you going to do when you've got there? That's no problem if you're using your Terrano for work, or travelling between hotels. If you're off exploring, though, you're going to want to camp. We just love to camp, and we've got pretty good at it over the years. We've also learned how important it is to have gear that's light and doesn't waste space, but is tough and practical enough to do its job properly and keep on doing it. We've put a great collection of gear together for you, and where we couldn't find a piece of kit that was good enough we've designed our own.

The most important thing you need when camping is shelter. Your Terrano is big and comfortable, but with the engine stopped it can get uncomfortable in a hurry. Too hot or too cold are common temperatures inside a stationary 4x4. Anyway, why stay shut up in the car when there's all that wilderness to enjoy? Camp in style and comfort with our awnings. We stock two sizes - a big 1.4 x 2 metre one for the rear of your vehicle and a huge 2x3 metre job for the side. Both are easy to fit and made from tough ripstop canvas for ultimate durability. Add our mozzie net and tent sets to turn your awnings into fully enclosed shelters for any weather.

Little things matter too, and cold drinks are always welcome in hot weather. Our neoprene can and stubby coolers will help keep temperatures down. You can even soak them and use evaporation to chill drinks in the hottest weather. Worried about using water for that? Don't be; we stock LifeSaver water filtration products, including their fantastic military-specification filter jerry can.

Whatever kit you need to turn your Terrano into a go-anywhere adventure machine, Tough Toys can supply it. We guarantee you free advice, great service, rapid Australia-wide delivery and mate's rates. Get in touch today and join the Tough Toys experience.


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