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The Nissan Patrol - 4x4 And Then Some

The Nissan Patrol 4x4 is a tough wagon for tough terrain, but you can make it even more go-anywhere and do-anything with a few of our top class accessories. At Tough Toys we're the experts in making 4x4s even more rugged than they are to start with. If your Nissan Patrol earns its living amongst the rocks and ridges of real life, rather than dropping off the kids at playschool, then Tough Toys accessories will help you get more out of it than you ever have before.

The Patrol's an established design and a lot of accessories have been developed for it. We've taken the time to find some of the best, and where we couldn't find something we liked we've developed our own. Here are a few of our top finds:

  • Sump Survival;  A cracked sump in the middle of a rocky nowhere is bad news as your engine oil bites the dust. Get the strength of Tough Toys’ cold steel Underguard plating between you and those rocks. Designed to shrug off anything you hit, the Underguard is worth every penny for its 3mm steel protection.
  • Exhaust Jack;  You’ve been there...a blown tyre, the wagon is wedged at an angle, and you can’t find a bearing for your heavy bottle-jack, never mind the elbow room to crank it up. Time for the Tough Toys Exhaust Jack. Just unpack, connect to your exhaust and watch it inflate; the tough lifting bag will take all the hassle out of lifting your stranded vehicle and getting that wheel changed.
  • Recovery Treds;  A beefy vehicle needs beefy portable bearing treads to see it out of sand, mud, and sludge...none of your paper-thin door-mat versions from the accessory stores. Tough Toys’ Recovery Treds are built for the job. Rugged help for rugged vehicles in rugged country, these will get you back on firm ground.
  • Safari Snorkel;  All the strength and all-wheel drive in the world is useless if all that water and sand that's supposed to be outside has made its way into your engine compartment. A good snorkel will see you through the most challenging trails, river beds and dust bowls, and get you to your destination. The best snorkels we've found are the Safari range, and we stock one to fit your Patrol. Easy to fit and long-lasting, this is the snorkel you need.
  • LED Light Bars;  It’s dark, it’s dusty and your navigator needs to check the faded road-sign to get you on the right track. This is where you need one of Tough Toys’ range of LED light bars to help read the small print without having to jump out the cab. We stock a whole range of sizes, all built to withstand serious service, and fixings to suit all variations. Because our lighting sets are built with LED technology you won't be shaking any more bulbs to death in the rough, either.
  • Long Range Fuel Tanks;  Serious off-roading and exploring  means serious fuel capability, so why limit your horizon to the last filling station? Tough Toys stock the superb Brown Davis long-range fuel tank for your Patrol, made to the highest standards from aluminium-coated steel for maximum corrosion resistance. Constructed with internal baffles and swirl pots to stabilise cross-country effects on your vehicle, there is no reduction in ground clearance after fitting. Any mechanic can fit it in under three hours, too, because no vehicle mods are necessary.

Most 4x4s spend most of their lives on roads and car parks, and they'll get on just fine the way they came from the factory. If you're here at Tough Toys, though, we're guessing your Patrol is going to see a bit more excitement than that.

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