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If you carry a lot of tools around as you work, or go on long expeditions with a lot of camping gear, it's hard to beat the practicality of a ute. Combining a comfortable cab and a big load bed you get the best of both worlds, especially with a modern double cab layout. Of course not all utes handle all that well once you go off road, but there are some spectacular exceptions. One of the most impressive is Nissan's big, powerful Navara. Available in 4x4 and fitted with a range of gutsy 2.5 and 3.0 litre Diesel engines, this is a ute with some serious muscle. That makes it a perfect expedition machine or heavy-duty workhorse.

Of course as it comes from the dealer your Navara is probably expecting to haul some gardening tools and a couple of bales of hay for your daughter's horse, but it can do a lot better than that with the right parts to unlock its potential. At Tough Toys we have those parts, because we love 4x4s. What we really love is big, tough, ready for anything 4x4s that look like they can handle a few knocks. If that's the sort of Navara you fancy, we have a few suggestions for you.

How far do you want to go?

Your Navara has an 80 litre fuel tank. That's not bad; drive carefully and you can get up to 800km on a full tank. It's not very big and tough though, is it? Taxis have tanks that big, and you're not driving a taxi. Try one of our long-range tanks instead. Made in Australia by Brown Davis, these tanks are so big and tough that the factory keeps wanting to fit them with tracks and a gun. Despite this they're a drop-in replacement; any mechanic can fit it in a couple of hours, with no alterations to your vehicle needed. And forget 80 litres; depending on the model of Navara you have our replacements hold between 120 and 143 litres.

Is anything going to stop you getting there?

The Navara's a tough ute, but Australia's a tough country. You can throw a factory-standard ute at the outback to see how well it survives, but at the end of the day our money's on Australia. Adjust the odds a bit in your favour by giving your vehicle some extra protection.

A lot of 4x4s come to a sudden and permanent stop because their undersides get smashed up by stuff. All sorts of stuff can do this - rocks, stumps, branches, even a stubborn sheep on the road. The first you know is a loud bang and suddenly your wagon isn't working properly. Sumps, steering, even axles and transmission can all get busted. Well, not with a Brown Davis Underguard they can't. These shields of 3mm steel plate are available to protect your sump, radiator, diff, transfer case and transmission; get them fitted and it'll take an anti-tank mine to stop you.

Rocks aren't the only things that can stop you. Water can do a pretty good job, too; just see what happens when your engine tries to breathe it. If you're lucky the engine will cut out. If you're not expect a cracked block. Alternatively fit a snorkel. We sell Safari snorkels, the best we've ever found. These look like they were fitted at the factory and work like they were fitted by men with brains the size of planets. Shifting your air intake to the top of the A pillar means that you'll run out of air before your engine does, and you'll probably notice that and stand on the brakes. We would.

Who's going to help you?

Tough Toys are. We've put together the best collection of 4x4 accessories in Australia, and you can order them any time. Because we sell online we guarantee you the best prices you'll find. Tell us what you want to do with your Navara and we'll help you make it possible.


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