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X Trail

Crossover 4wd vehicles are catching on in a big way, for all sorts of reasons. They’re as comfortable as a car but have the off road performance to spend some quality time in the bush. If you’re looking for a single vehicle to combine business and pleasure a crossover is an ideal choice, and you won’t go far wrong with Nissan’s popular X-Trail. Available with a range of gutsy petrol and diesel engines, and easily big enough to carry four people and a load of gear, the X-Trail even looks the part. Most owners will never take it anywhere rougher than the pub car park though, and the standard equipment is designed for that market. If you want to get the best from yours off road you’ll need a few quality accessories, and Tough Toys is the place to get them.

First, look at boosting the tool kit. The supplied one is fine for changing a tyre beside the road, but good luck hauling yourself out of soft sand with it. For that you’ll need one of our exhaust jacks and a couple of snatch straps, and a set of good sand tracks like the awesome Treds are always good to have, too.

The X-Trail is fine for day trips, but why not extend its potential into a real touring wagon? Our amazing Tough Toys awnings are easy to fit to your roof bars, and let you easily create a huge sheltered space when you park up. You can’t beat them for a picnic meal, barbie or just chilling out with a few cold ones. Add mozzie nets or tent walls and your overnight accommodation is sorted too.

Talking about food, you can stuff your dinner in an esky but if you’re planning to stay out for a few days you’ll want something a bit better. How about a Bush power fridge freezer? We have these in a range of sizes, and any one of them will fit neatly in the back of the X-Trail. That way your cold ones will stay cold for longer and you won’t run any risks with food poisoning either.

Finally, any good expedition vehicle is fitted out with the maps you need to find your way there and back again. We stock a huge selection of atlases and guide books from Australia Wide, Hema and Boiling Billy. With the information packed into them you’ll be able to plan some amazing adventures in your X-Trail.

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