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Volkswagen’s first off road vehicle was the Kübelwagen you see in old war films, and it was a bit basic. It wasn’t even 4wd – just a Beetle chassis with a lightweight body on top. They’ve done a lot better with their Touareg. Developed jointly with Porsche, it’s a luxury vehicle – but it also has pretty awesome performance both on the road and in the bush. Some massively powerful engines are available, it has a diff lock and low range capability, and you can even raise the suspension to give yourself more ground clearance. The Touareg has amazing potential, and with the right gear on board you can get ready for some real adventures.

The first thing to do is make sure you can keep it mobile. Your Touareg can pull itself through most things but sooner or later you’re going to get stuck – it happens to us all. When that happens you’ll want at least one extra jack, and we’d suggest you make it an exhaust jack. These work on any ground, even loose sand or soft mud, and best of all you can get the engine to do the heavy lifting for you. You’ll want some good sand tracks too, so once you’ve got yourself out of the mud you can stay out. Finally get yourself a couple of snatch straps and shackles.

Mechanically the Touareg is a real workhorse,, but inside the cabin it’s a luxury car. It won’t stay that way if you’re climbing in and out covered in mud, so protect the interior from yourself. Deep dish floor mats will keep the outdoors out of your carpets, and our storage bags and boxes are a great way to stow dirty gear so it doesn’t mess up the load space.

Finally, you can add some extra space to your Touareg for when you camp at the end of the day. Our Tough awnings mount easily on your roof bars and roll out to give you an enormous shelter that’s all set up in a couple of minutes. Add a tent kit or mozzie nets and your home for the night is ready – or just chill out under it with your mates and a few cold ones. Tough awnings are some of the biggest and strongest on the market, and now come with built-in LED lighting too.

AT Tough Toys we know how much fun you can have with a good off road vehicle, and the Touareg is one of the most exciting to drive. Get yours properly kitted out today and go explore Australia’s amazing landscapes.

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