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If you fancy a change from Japanese and American Utes some solid German engineering is always a good option, and the Volkswagen Amarok should be on your list. It’s a big, solid vehicle and it’s idea either for working outside or 4wd touring. With a dual cab and a big bed at the back you can pack in everything you need, and the turbodiesel engines will haul it wherever you want to go.

Of course most Amaroks are going to end up carrying some tradie’s tool boxes around, so when you get it from the dealer it’s set up for on road driving. If you want to take off into the Outback or get around your sheep the chances are you’ll need a few extras to get the most out of it. That’s where Tough Toys come in.

Running out of fuel in the bush is no joke, but who wants smelly jerrycans of diesel loaded in the back next to their tent? A better solution is to fit a long range fuel tank, letting you go further between refills and keep all the extra capacity safely inside our Amarok’s body. We have 130 and 150 litre tanks available, from Longrange Automotive or Brown Davis.

The Amarok’s tough, but Australia is tougher. No vehicle is invulnerable to the Outback’s hazards and we’ve seen pretty much every Ute or 4wd you could think of stranded beside a road with a gutful of rocks. Protect yours with a Brown Davis Underguard – a slab of 3mm steel armour that bolts over your running gear to help you shrug off the terrain.

It isn’t just rocks that can stop you, of course. The wet bits of the bush can be pretty formidable too. Boost your mobility with a Safari snorkel. It doesn’t only let you wade through deep water, it also helps keep dust out your air filter on those desert tracks.

Worried about what crossing rough ground will do to all your stuff in the back? We have a full range of Proform bed liners, tonneau covers and hard decks to keep everything safe and secure. We also have the camping gear to make your stops fun and comfortable. Safety and recovery kit, radios, navigation aids – we have that too. Whatever you need to make your Amarok into the ultimate offroader, just ask Tough Toys.

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