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Ford make a wide range of Utes, but the most famous have to be their classic F Series. These big trucks have headed Ford's Ute line for decades and they just keep getting better. Whether you go for the F150 or the even larger Super Duty models you'll get a tough vehicle with huge load capacity and a great 4wd option. Fit one of these out with the right gear and it'll take you pretty much anywhere you want to go. That's made them popular with tradies who need a reliable truck to get them and their tools to a job. It also means they're ideal if you enjoy getting off road and doing some heavy duty touring, and like the advantages of a Ute. At Tough Toys we're all about finding you the right gear at the right price, so your F Series will do everything you want of it.

If you want to get the most from your F Series one of the first things you'll be looking at is increasing its range. These Utes have big engines, so they're thirsty. That means you need a big tank to cover any distance. Actually they come with a big tank – up to 165 litres depending on engine capacity. At twice the size of what you'd find in a normal car that sounds pretty impressive, but you can do a lot better. Our long range tanks from Brown Davis and Longrange Automotive are simple to install – just dismount the standard tank and bolt in the new one – but they make amazing use of the spare space inside your Ute. Thing 254 litres might get you a bit further? So do we. If you have an F350 you can even fit an auxiliary tank as well, and get another 125 litres in there.

Go for a crew cab model and you have plenty space to fit a roof rack, and that means you can install an awning too. Why bother with tiny tents when you stop for the night when you can relax under a spacious Tough awning? Simple enough to set up in minutes, and with a reflective coating to protect you from the heat of the sun, these now come with built in LED lighting too.

With the load capacity of an F150 you can carry all the gear you need to make your camp a real home away from home. We can help you fit yourself out with cooking equipment, maps and guidebooks, mozzie nets and more. If any little snags delay you getting to your destination we also have the recovery kit to help you out. An F Series is a big thing to recover, but our equipment is up to the job. Whatever you need, we've got it – right down to little details like stubby coolers – and we can deliver it all over Australia. Tough Toys is your one-stop shop for all your 4wd needs.

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