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We're a big fan of Utes, for all sorts of reasons. They're sturdy, practical, can get around off road as well as most SUVs and of course they have a huge load capacity. Utes are a great choice for off road touring and the Ford Courier is a good example. If you have a Courier you'll already know it's a tough and capable vehicle, and maybe you've taken it on a few trips. The good news is you can easily improve its already high performance with a few well chosen accessories. Whether you want to turn your Courier into the ultimate off road machine, or make it an even more valuable asset for your business, Tough Toys have the gear you need.

Running low on fuel is never good, whether you're in a hurry to get to a job site or off in the Outback miles from the nearest filling station. Why not boost your range by fitting a bigger fuel tank? We have replacement tanks from Brown Davis and Longrange Automotive, allowing you to raise your fuel capacity to up to 150 litres. These tanks are easy to fit – they use the same bolt points as the factory one – and once they're in place their strong 2mm steel construction makes them practically indestructible.

If you like taking your Courier places Ford maybe didn't mean it to go, chances are that sooner or later you'll find it's stuck somewhere. That's no problem if you have the right recovery kit though. We have everything from shovels and shackles to snatch straps and sand channels – even winches, if you really want to be ready for anything.

Our Proform bedliners will protect your load bed from heavy or dirty gear and keep the back end of your Ute in great condition. We also have Proform's Bedrug liners. These tough carpets are ideal for protecting anything you carry, and even makes your Ute bed into a pleasant place to relax and sleep if you're camping on your own. Alternatively, if you really want to carry more stuff in the back you can fit a bed extender to increase the usable length of the bed. It's ideal for carrying timber, transporting dirt bikes or giving you room to fit a full size mattress in the back. If you're camping you can even dismount it and use it as a bench.

A modification that's becoming popular with off roaders is a dual battery setup. We're huge fans of this, because it makes a lot of sense; keep a dedicated battery for starting your engine and a separate one for running your accessories. It also gives you some extra reliability, because if one battery fails you can revive it with the other one. A Piranha battery tray will help you get the perfect setup. Made in Australia, these bombproof steel trays hold your batteries securely and make everything easy to install and maintain.

The team at Tough Toys are all 4wd enthusiasts, and know what makes for good kit. We're dedicated to making the best gear available to our fellow enthusiasts at the best prices we can manage, and we deliver throughout Australia. If you want to get the most from your Ford Courier check out our range now.

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