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Mercedes GL Series

If you’re looking for unbeatable off-road performance with a Mercedes badge on the front you probably need a G-Wagen, but not everyone’s that hard core. The G-Wagen’s available with nice seats and accessories but there’s no hiding what it is – a full-on cross country vehicle. For those who don’t want to grapple with triple locking diffs every time they go shopping it can be an intimidating beast to drive, and it also has looks that only a mother could love.

Luckily Mercedes have a few other off-road options, and the GL-class has to be the nicest. It’s a big crossover-style wagon that will carry seven people in all the comfort you’d expect from a top of the line Merc, but it can handle the rough stuff too. Advanced transmission and a range of powerful engines mean it can haul itself through just about anything, without having to look like a tractor. The GL320 with a 3 litre diesel, or the GL500 with a massive 5 litre petrol V8, are two of the most powerful crossovers on the market as well as being among the most comfortable.

If you’re exploring Australia in comfort you probably want your campsites to be a bit luxurious as well, so don’t settle for a swag on the ground beside your GL – get one of our Tough awnings bolted to your roof bars. These are some of the biggest awnings you’ll find, as well as the best quality, and now they even come with built-in LED lighting. Add a tent kit or mozzie nets and you’ll have a huge, comfortable space that only takes a few minutes to set up.

The GL has plenty of load space in the back so there’s no need to carry all your food in an esky either. We have the full range of Bushpower fridges, including fridge/freezer models, so you can carry everything you need for the classiest outdoor meals.

Just because the GL is good at getting dirty you don’t want to leave it that way when you get home. You’ll protect its value, plus keep it in better running order, if you give it a good wash when you get back from the bush – especially underneath. Mud caked around the chassis and suspension traps moisture, and even with modern rustproofing that isn’t great news. Get yourself a Kärcher pressure washer and hose down the bits a car wash doesn’t touch.

The Mercedes GL series isn’t just classy looking – it’s a serious off-road performer. Like any 4wd it needs the right accessories to be at its best, of course, and that’s where Tough Toys come in. If it’s for off-road touring, we’ve got it.

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