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Not every 4wd driver is looking for a big, heavy vehicle. There's also a demand for compact models and a lot of these are amazing performers off road. Suzuki hasn't missed a trick with this market and their Sierra is a common sight. If you want a light and agile 4wd it's perfect, and with the right accessories you can go pretty much anywhere in one. Tough Toys has the accessories you need to turn your Sierra from a capable off roader into an amazing one.

The first thing you're looking for in any off road vehicle is reliability. It doesn't matter how amazing it is if it won't start, but unfortunately modern accessories can put a heavy load on your battery and it's easy to run it down below the critical level. To avoid that we recommend a dual battery setup, and to make it easy to build one we stock Piranha dual battery trays. Made in Australia, these keep your batteries secure and give you plenty of space for a powerful electrical fit.

When you're touring in your 4wd the two biggest hazards for your engine are dust and water. Either of them can cause a lot of damage if they get where they're not supposed to be. The good news is they tend to hang around close to the ground, so by fitting a Safari snorkel you can move your air intake above the worst of the problem. Even rain won't catch you out; the air ram has a water separator built in, so even the heaviest rain gets filtered out. If you find yourself driving in snow you can rotate the ram so it's not sucking it down. Safari snorkels are made in Australia from extra tough cross-linked polyethylene and they're as tough as old boots.

We have a full range of camping gear to make long range touring as comfortable as it can be, including awnings and cooking equipment. We've added a few more luxuries to our range, too. The Sierra is a compact vehicle but you can still fit in one of our tidy little Bushpower fridges. These run on 12, 24 or 240 volts and are built to take the hardships of off road driving. It's a perfect way to stay supplied with cold drinks on the road and keep your food fresh at the same time.

Tough Toys can also supply you with maps, guidebooks, safety and first aid kit and everything else you need. By selling online we keep prices low and we can deliver anywhere in Australia. Check out our products today and get your Sierra ready for anything.

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