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Like the similar Sierra, the Suzuki Jimny is a popular and capable compact 4wd. If you want to get around off road but prefer a smaller and more agile vehicle this one could be ideal. It's economical, rugged and has great mobility. Despite its small size it also has plenty of room for two people and a load of touring gear. If you get a Jimny properly kitted out you can have a lot of fun exploring in it. Tough Toys have everything you need to kit it out, and we can deliver at great prices anywhere in Australia. Whether you want to get set up for river crossings, enhance your camping or just make sure you can haul yourself out of the mud more reliably, we've got the stuff.

Recovery gear is essential for anyone who likes going off road. We've had to help a few people who were relying on a bottle jack and a cheap tow rope; that sort of kit is fine for normal driving but off road it's just not up to the job. Instead get yourself a couple of snatch straps and consider having proper recovery points installed. Our Mean Mother recovery hooks are a lot stronger and easier to use than the standard towing points, and when you're struggling to get your Jimny out of the mud you'll appreciate that. An exhaust jack is also a great recovery tool, because it works no matter how soft the ground is, and don't forget sand channels for when you need tome extra grip to get moving again.

Snorkels are essential if you find yourself having to wade through rivers; your engine won't appreciate it if you try to feed it water. Set yourself up with a Safari snorkel and you'll be able to drive through deep water with confidence. It's also great when you spend a lot of time on dusty tracks or driving on sand. Dust usually hangs around low down, and by raising your air intake a snorkel helps keep it out of your filters.

The Jimny is compact, but it's easily big enough to carry all you need for relaxed, comfortable camping. With one of our Tough awnings fitted to your roofbars you'll have all the space you need, and a mozzie net will keep any flying annoyances away. Save storage space with a LifeSaver Australia jerrycan, which lets you filter up to 20,000 litres of water (18.5 litres at a time) from rivers, ponds or even swamps, and turn it into fresh drinking water. We even have Bushpower fridges if you prefer something cooler to drink.

The team at Tough Toys are all 4wd enthusiasts, so we know what it takes to have a great time off road driving or touring and that's exactly what we supply. All our stuff is top quality and we'd be happy to fit any of it to our own vehicles (in fact we do!) Check out our site and see what we can do for you.

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