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The Suzuki Vitara has been one of the most popular 4wd vehicles for years now, and it's easy to see why. It makes a great everyday car that can also get off road with the best of them, and the current Grand Vitara models are powerful and roomy enough to be perfect for touring. At Tough Toys we're big fans of the Vitara and we've put in some effort to come up with a great range of accessories for them.

The Vitara scores high for off road mobility, but like any off road vehicle it's not immune to damage from rocks, branches and the other nasty stuff that we all tend to drive over sometimes. A few dings underneath isn't good. Ripping your sump to bits miles from anywhere is very bad. Protect your Vitara with a Brown Davis Underguard. Fit one of these and you'll have a shield of 3mm steel armour over your sump and transmission. Cold rolled steel plate can take a lot of punishment, and save you a lot of trouble.

Of course an Underguard isn't going to help you if you hit a patch of mud or loose sand, and every 4wd driver knows that feeling you get when you see your wagon bogged up to the axles. At times like that it's nice to know you have some proper recovery gear in the back, so pick up a couple of our snatch straps and a proper towing shackle, and don't forget sand channels to wedge under your tyres – we recommend Treds, because they're super tough and really effective.

Once you've dug yourself out your recovery kit will probably be pretty dirty (so will you) and your Vitara has a nice interior that you don't want to mess up. Throw the gear in one of our Tough gear bags and keep it out the way. These huge, sturdy packs strap to your rear-mounted spare and keep water, mud and sand away from stuff you want to keep clean. As for you, we have deep pan PVC floor mats to protect your carpet.

At the end of the day it's nice to set up a comfortable camp, and there's no better way to do that than a Tough awning. With a reflective solar coating and built in LED lighting these are a quick, easy and really effective way to set up a generous shelter. Add a mozzie net so you can enjoy a beer (we also have vehicle fridges…) in peace.

Tough Toys is run by and for 4wd enthusiasts, and we make a point of finding only the best accessories. We sell online, which lets us offer amazingly low prices, and we can deliver anywhere in Australia. Whenever you need to upgrade your Vitara we're here to help.

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